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Foreclosure Prevention

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If you are facing a foreclosure you still have several options which can stop the process, give you some valuable time, and/or possibly save your home.

Loan Modification:

Modifying your mortgage

A home loan modification can bring your monthly payments back to a level where they fit within your budget. If you are about to start missing payments or have already missed even one payment, you must start the loan modification process immediately to make sure that your lender does not initiate a foreclosure process.

To see how modifying your mortgage can bring your payments back within your reach, fill out the form on this page and one of our specialists will be in contact with you.  

File Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

If you are being threatened with a foreclosure and the loss of your home, filing for bankruptcy can stop the foreclosure process and give you some time to catch up or make other arrangements. Whether you file a Chapter 7 or a Chapter 13 bankruptcy depends on a variety of factors, but both can stop the foreclosure while the bankruptcy is in process.

To learn more, complete the form on this page and one of our representatives will contact you to show you how filing bankruptcy can help to keep you in your home.

Postponing the Trustee Sale

Your lender, or trustee, must be able verify its authority to initiate the foreclosure process and then sell the home through a trustee sale. By demanding proof that the trustee has possession of the note on the property, you can effectively postpone the trustee sale until possession can be verified. Obtaining that verification can be can take quite some time (from several months to over a year in certain circumstances), allowing you to stay in the home, save some money, and decide what you ultimately want to do.

If there is a trustee sale scheduled for your home, there is still time to stop it. Complete the form on this page and one of our representatives will contact you promptly to help you postpone the trustee sale and stay in your home.

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